E.J. Lashlee, History of E J Lashlee E.J. Lashlee

J. Lashlee History:

1968  1969   Jay Lashlee Advertising Agency & Printing Company  Largest coupon distributor in US and Europe.
1969  1970   South Main Tire Company and Auto  Michelin Distributor  Engineer  Co-Owner.
1970  1971   Jack Matthews & Company  Broker    (company later became Americana Realty, largest realty in Nevada).
1970  1976   National Leasing  Phone & beeper company  Owner of the first cell phone system in Nevada.
1971  1982   Jay Lashlee Wishing Well Realty  Owner and Licensed Real Estate Broker.
1977  1982   Daydream Guest Ranch - Saloon, Biker-Cowboy Bar  Parties & Concerts for up to 17,000 people  Owner.
1977  1982   Daydream Resort and Gambling Casino  Obtained Nevada Casino license (self-obtained).
1977  1982   Riding Stable, boarding, hay rides, and Pony Express Race Club  Co-Owner.
1977  1982   Steakhouse Restaurant, Conventions, Catering, and Specialty Bar-B-Ques.
1980  1995   Jay Lashlee, Software Trust - Design Company & Computer & Software Group.
1982  1990   Wrangler Properties & Colonial Properties (Real Estate Companies) Co-Owner  Investor.
1982  2002   Spider Antenna - Manufactured a tunable multi-band antenna. Managed distribution company and patents.
1990  1992   Wishing Well Escrow Company  Jay Lashlee, Owner and Licensed Real Estate Broker.
1992  2003   Professional Trust Company  Jay Lashlee, Owner  Managed 2.4 billion dollars of assets.
                         Transfer agent and advisor for 260 million dollars internationally for 452 clients.  
                         Targeted by IRS, then negotiated a plea agreement for tax evasion and conspiracy.
                         (to avoid loss of privacy to clients, and expensive long fight to prove innocence).
1994  1995   Laguna Beach Gift Shop  Co-Owner  Two years of street repairs caused losses and business closure.
1995  1997   Wild Works Wheel Designs and Manufacturing Company  Owner  Swindled by Lucy & Charlie Rau.
1997  2000   Road Wings Designs & Wheel Manufacturing Company  Owner  Sold (deeply discounted to minimize IRS attack).
1998  2000   Billet Manufacturing Company  Components, Water Cooled Engines, & Rotary motor designs.
1998  2001   Mailbox Store  Not profitable, closed after 9/11 eliminated mail privacy.
2000  2003   Jay Lashlee invented a foldable wheel to allow full size bicycle with full size wheels in a backpack
                         Jay Lashlee Patents issued, with additional E. J. Lashlee patents pending.

Jay Lashlee Achievements:
  As a student, Jay Lashlee became a trumpet player in various schools, then played professionally in bands and 
    Las Vegas showrooms.  Then became less active and selectively performed as backup musician, and occasional 
    recording studio work.
1968  Jay Lashlee, Michelin Engineer. - Forensic tire, wheel, vibration engineer, and failure analyst.
1969  Jay Lashlee, SP4 US Army (drafted) traveled extensively / Military MOS= Tire Specialist Engineer & Music.
1970  Became public speaker and active in lectures.  Trainer of marketing, advertising, sales campaigns, 
            real estate financing, international banking, estate planning, privacy protection, identity protection, 
            lawsuit & asset protection, and stalking protection.  Lectured at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
1971  Jay Lashlee Licensed Real Estate Broker and Registered Notary Public.
1975  Jay Lashlee Bought & Sold over 1,640 homes (mostly between 1977 to 1982).
1977  Jay Lashlee Nevada Gaming License Holder - Self hand written - without attorney assistance.
1977  Acquired more State, County and City Licenses than any other individual (over 52 licenses active at one time).
1980  Designed software language based on dBASE and FRED and created associated ABC OFFICE PACK programs.
1981  Re-evaluated license exposure, then closed all licenses and became a private investor.
1982  Orchestrated investigation, bank closure, and the first felony conviction of a corrupt banker.
1983  Designed specific small ABC Business Office software programs and dBASE Report Tools.
1990  2000 - Jay Lashlee accumulated closely held assets and equities spanning 13 businesses.
1994  Creator/Designer  DeskMenu software program - Business Office Web Directory & Search Resource.
1995  Created and self funded a free surgery project for poor children.
1996  Invented a Safety Lock Box for easy entry by adults and protection from entry by children  Patents Pending.
1997  Jay Lashlee created and self funded a free school computer project for poor children.
2000  Energy technology, solar energy, pure water solutions  Research and Development  Patents pending.
2001  Jay Lashlee developed system that eliminates errors in governmental 1099 and FED ID number matching.
2002  Created and self funded a free computer training project for poor children.
2003  Real estate book: Real Rules for Real Estate  Jay Lashlee , Author.
2004  Teacher - Real Estate, Estate Planning, Computers, & Small Business at Taft Correctional Facility - California.
2005  Teacher - Software Programs, Small Business, Real Estate, and Trusts at Sheridan Correctional Facility - Oregon.
2006  Self Employed Training book: Small Business Success Techniques  Author.
2006  Invented adjustable joint axis bicycle frame to allow riders of different heights to easily adjust bicycle height.
2007  Designed a portable mechanical lift (foot operated briefcase) for normal or extremely low cars.
2007  Invented multi-diameter connector for bamboo construction intended for roofs and low cost building projects.


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